A few months ago, we finally gave a name to what we had been hired to do many times over the years and formalized it under the Eleven Creative Services, LLC.

From the beginning, we knew we were different. We came to believe what existing clients had already recognized in us: the value of our unique perspectives and the opportunity to benefit from them. The standard agency model isn’t working in the new era. Frankly, it’s broken. Massive, traditional, cumbersome players in the industry are struggling to keep up with the changing dynamics of this new marketing landscape. 

Individually, the people that make up Eleven Creative Services have all worked with agencies, and we know the process. We felt the model was outdated, only ever truly serving the agency itself acting as brokers of the media and controllers of the mediums. We are styled and set up a bit differently with a more effective focus: the client.

We are a boutique marketing consultancy, shying away from the term "agency" primarily because we are not an agent of our client, we are partners with our clients, and are fully invested in their success.

We have the incredibly rare and unique perspective of being the entities which traditional agencies hired on behalf of their clients. We are the content creators, influencers, and event producers that are primary forces of the new media. We have eliminated the middleman and the inefficiencies of the old system.  

2017 is going to be one hell of a year for us and more importantly, our clients. Are you ready to see what Eleven Creative Services can do for you? Contact us today and let us show you.